Documentation of the methodologies for establishing effective partnerships within the workforce development community of interest among entities such as educational institutions, employers, training agencies, supportive service providers and nonprofit organizations.  These resources document the methodologies utilized by these entities to initiate and maintain these partnerships including ongoing communication, documentation of results, recognition, and continuous improvement.


H-1B RTW Small Group Coaching: Effective Partnerships

 This resource documents the real-life experiences of grantees in establishing effective partnerships with community colleges, training providers, employers, supportive service agencies and American Job Centers. It identifies key strategies, participating partners and lessons learned.


City and County of Denver’s Employer Partner is Making a National Impact

This blog post describes the City of Denver’s Technology Employment in Colorado Partnership (TEC-P), a regional joint project that benefits the long-term unemployed and underemployed using collaborations among employers, educational institutions and training programs.  TEC-P, a targeted industry sector initiative, utilizes an industry-and employer-driven approach to develop career pathways, boosting employment in middle- to high skilled jobs.