Resources to identify and assess a variety of training approaches to prepare the long term unemployed for gainful employment. These resources describe successful strategies that workforce practitioners have utilized, in close collaboration with employers, education entities and program participants, to prepare, retain and place the long term unemployed in good jobs at family sustaining wages.


H-1B Ready To Work Internship and PWE Toolkit


The toolkit addresses work-based learning that is generally a planned experience resulting from a negotiation among three parties: the educators/trainers at a school or training organization; the staff in an employer’s company; and the training participant, or the student. Together, both employer personnel and educators cooperatively oversee the learning experience for a participant. Work based learning experience includes paid work experience, internships, externships/job shadowing, practicums and apprenticeships.


Florida State College at Jacksonville: New Approaches Lead to Improved Outcomes


This blog describes how one grantee improved its performance by increasing its outreach exposure to reach a larger, more targeted audience and changing its program design based on employer and participant needs.  The two keys to its success were effective marketing and keeping employer partners and program participants engaged.


Promising Practices for Increasing Certificate and Credential Outcomes


This webinar provides grantees with information and strategies that can be applied to their program model to engage participants, employers, and education partners in efforts to increase credential and certification attainment goals. It identifies causes and solutions as well as additional promising practices and resources.