Resources to identify, utilize and evaluate outreach and recruitment strategies to attract and effectively serve the LTU.  These resources emphasize the importance of proactive outreach activities from grant inception throughout implementation to maximize the opportunities to effectively serve and place long term unemployed individuals seeking gainful employment.


H-1B Ready to Work Resource Brief: UI Partnerships


This resource brief features promising practices describing the techniques grantees used to connect with their state’s unemployment insurance (UI) office; information available from the UI Office as a potential partner; and strategies for using this data to reach out to employers and LTU.  As a result, grantees may be able to partner with State UI administrators to align their resources for effective outreach to the LTU and other unemployed workers.

H-1B RTW Small Group Coaching: Social Media and Internet Marketing

This presentation focuses on the use of social media and internet marketing to raise awareness of and encourage participation in the grant program.  It identifies best practices relative to use of social media platforms, consistent branding of grant program; meaningful messaging in Tweets and highlights of successful social media sites created by selected grantees. 


H-1B RTW Peer to Peer Exchange Key Tips

This resource summarizes lessons learned and promising practices exchanged in a peer to peer conference call on outreach and recruitment for the LTU.  The conference call provided a platform for select grantees to interact directly with their fellow grantees identifying helpful tips to use while they are developing and managing outreach and recruitment activities.