Identification of specific strategies that workforce practitioners can utilize to achieve employment and placement of the long-term unemployed.  These products provide workforce practitioners with an array of resources to support the long term unemployed in achieving gainful employment at family sustaining wages.  Specific strategies include networking, resume development, effective interview techniques and application of lifelong learning outcomes to the job search process.


Job Seeker Branding and Job Search Strategies to Help the Long-Term Unemployed Regain Confidence

This resource provides real life coaching strategies to help participants navigate the job search process.  It addresses a variety of relevant topics including: overcoming the stigma of long-term unemployment; building an online presence; review of job application materials; discussion of job search strategies; and networking related to specific jobs.

12 Tips for a Successful Job Search

This resource provides practical guidance for job seekers.  Specific tips include: maintaining positive attitude; staying motivated; creation of a personal marketing plan; evaluation of skills and abilities; resume improvement; practice job interviews; use of online resources; lifelong learning; effective networking; and joining or starting a job search support group.