This page highlights resources that have been of value to H-1-B Ready to Work grantees and that may be of benefit to others. Six common areas of interest have been identified: Long Term Unemployed (LTU); Outreach and Recruitment Strategies to Identify the LTU; Supportive Services; Training Strategies; Employment/Placement Strategies to Support the LTU; and Public-Private Partnerships. For each area, representative resources of potential value to a broader audience have been identified.


Long-Term Unemployed (LTU)

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, LTU persons are defined as those who have been unemployed for 27 weeks or more.  This resource page provides examples of strategies to improve participant retention, introduces the concept of paid work experience, overcoming barriers associated with LTU and re-engaging older and discouraged workers.

Outreach and Recruitment Strategies to Identify the Long Term Unemployed

Identification, utilization and evaluation of outreach and recruitment strategies to attract and effectively serve the long term unemployed.  This resource page includes links to products that address how to leverage UI data, access social media for outreach and a summary of tips and best practices shared between RTW grantees.

Supportive Services for the Long Term Unemployed

Identification and provision of critical needs-related services and soft skills training to support and retain the long term unemployed during training.  This product page includes a link to a resource that describes the importance of providing supportive services to LTU including soft skills or work readiness training.

Training Strategies

Identification and assessment of a variety of training approaches to prepare the long term unemployed for gainful employment.  This resource page links the user to products covering work-based learning, collaboration with employer partners and credential and certification attainment.

Employment/Placement Strategies to Support the Long-Term Unemployed

Identification of specific strategies that workforce practitioners can utilize to achieve employment and placement of the LTU. This resource page includes links to coaching strategies to assist job seekers and tips for successful job searches.

Public-Private Partnerships

Documentation of the methodologies for establishing effective partnerships within the workforce development community of interest among entities such as educational institutions, employers, training agencies, supportive service providers and nonprofit organizations. These resources document the methodologies utilized by these entities to initiate and maintain these partnerships.

H-1B Ready to Work Grantee Technical Assistant Resource Document Series

A list of resources that are presented in a suggested order based on important questions grantees may have as they progress through various stages of their projects. Resource topics include program orientation, partnerships, training design, employer engagement, outreach and recruitment, job placement, supportive services, sector strategies and performance measurement.