On May 20th, 2019 several mandatory updates will be applied to the EBSS system which will change how you log into the HUB system to upload and certify your quarterly performance reporting data.  These updates are necessary to bring the HUB system into compliance with department-wide security standards.  

We have provided this resource that not only illustrates all of the changes to the HUB login process you will experience when uploading and certifying your quarterly performance data, but also walks you through all the steps you will take in the new process. 

Some of the most important changes you will notice are a requirement for a username AND password to log in, rather than only a password.  The PIN to certify your data would remain the same.  In addition, you will be required to reset a new password every 90 days.  The final important thing to know is that the system will automatically disable users’ accounts after 180 days of inactivity (that is, if there has been no login for 180 days).  Again, this resource goes into much greater detail on all of these topics, and provides the how to in terms of logging in after May 20th for the first time, as well as moving forward.