Our H-1B Ready to Work (RTW) Technical Assistance (TA) Team recently facilitated a webinar on Preparing for Staff Transitions during the No-Cost Extension Period on November 29, 2018.
Grantees from Anne Arundel, It’s My Community Initiative, City of Providence, San Jacinto shared insights and strategies as staff transitions throughout the Ready to Work Grant. Grantees also had the opportunity for peer-to-peer exchange as they shared their promising practices for addressing staff transitions.
Key Tips:
  •  Develop a checklist of functions critical for grant success.
  •  Ensure staff knows the timeline/expectations for the NCE period.
  •  Determine the key positions needed to close out grants and clients.
  •  Overlap in-house roles in preparation for positions potentially becoming vacant.
  •  Work with partners to designate a point person to support program reporting until grant ends.