These resources are the PowerPoint slides and handouts from the breakout sessions of the 2018 H-1B Ready to Work Convening.

Concurrent Sessions Part 1 (Grantee Presentations)

  • Work-Based Learning: On the Job Training (OJT) & Apprenticeship with Susan B. Thomas of District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund- Implementing a successful OJT & apprenticeship program takes strong partnerships. Learn key elements of a successful OJT and apprenticeship program and how to maintain those strong partnerships well after the RTW grant program concludes. 
  • Job Placement & Employer Engagement: Employer Relationships – Flip or Flop with Nancy Pierce & Oscar Trevino of San Jacinto Community College District- This presentation showcased the best practices in building relationships with employers while ensuring that they return for additional services. Examples of a positive flip relationship and examples of a flop relationship were explored. Grantees learned steps to create new relationships, and cement long lasting ones even after the grant’s performance period.
  • Job Placement: Turning the Tables - Reverse Job Fairs with James Schindler of Alachua Bradford Re. Workforce Board dba CareerSource NCFL- Reverse job fairs are a simple concept which "turn the tables" on the traditional format. With business set as the customer, these job fairs help workers get into the entrepreneurial mindset learning how to sell their skills to businesses looking for their talents.

Concurrent Sessions Part 2 (Grantee Presentations)

  • Career Pathways: Sharing the Impact of Technology Training Career Pathways in the Bay Area with Patty Kwok and Sarah Jo Neubauer of Jewish Vocational Services- Learn how the impact of this career pathway has led to new employers, community and training partnerships as well as continual evaluation of the labor market to adapt our programs to meet employer demand.
  • Job Placement: The Evolution of Sector-Driven Efforts to Support Career Exploration and Job Placement with Nick Knudsen and Gayle Armstrong of Worksystems Inc.- Learn about innovations that lead with target sectors, including: Integrated Placement connects talent with businesses; connects job seekers with job centers & RTW; Reboot Network helps job seekers network and builds business partnerships; and Cohorts improve enrollments and strengthen business partnerships. 
  • Training Design: Using our "Training On-Demand" Model for Effective Job Placement Results with Sivaraman Anbarasan and Daniel Lim of New Jersey Council of County Colleges- New Jersey Council of County Colleges has developed four essential points to help strengthen employer engagement. Learn those points and how you can still apply them to your grant program.