Thursday, May 18, 2017 1:00 PM ~ 2:00 PM ET

This All Group Coaching WebEx provided grantees with an outline for crafting an effective program story that engages your program, participants and partners and give you tips for making your story shine.


When your project succeeds and participants advance from training to employment, there is a great story to tell and many reasons for telling it. A story that describes the success of your program can be used to recruit participants, engage employers and other valuable stakeholders, and win the support of prospective funders. 

Discussion topics included:        

  • Sharing the components of a  good program success story
  • Understanding how to use your data to incorporate into your story
  • Identifying accomplishments that resonate emotionally with the reader
  • Describing your project’s goals and the extent to which you are achieving them
  • Examples of success stories  


  • Welcome/Setting the Stage (5 minutes)
  • Success Stories Presentation (50 minutes)
  • Wrap-Up and Closing Remarks (5 minutes)


TA Coach- Erika Humphrey

TA Project Lead- Angel Harlins