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Internal Recruitment Strategies

RTW grantees,

Can you tell us if any of you are using an internal recruitment strategy that includes searching your job center data bases to find existing customers that may meet the eligibility for RTW? How are you using this information to meet your yearly enrollment goals? Are there any best practices or streamline processes you have implemented?

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Utilizing partners for soft skills development?

RTW Grantees, 

We are putting together a webinar and wanted to get some feedback from you all. The topic is best practices for utilizing partnerships to provide the soft skills training participants need to gain employment. If any of you have a successful model you would like to share, please comment here. We will be inviting you to an upcoming peer to peer discussion on this topic and would like to see who is interested in sharing their knowledge. Further, if you are experiencing challenges with developing work readiness training opportunities either in house or through partnerships please share that as well. And as always thank you for all your efforts!

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